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Historical review of the founding of AFDP (Asian Federation of Dietetic Professionals) now AFDA (Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations)



  • Leh-Chii Chwang visited President Connie Chan of Hong Kong Nutrition association

  • Dietetic professionals from Hong Kong (Warren Lee), Korea (Kim Byung-Goo), Singapore (Susani Karta), and Taipei (Leh-Chii Chwang) met at the 14th International Conference of Nutrition at Seoul, Korea

  • President Leh-Chii Chwang of Taipei Dietitians Association visited Chief Director Mitsutoyo Hanamura of Japan Dietetic Association in Tokyo, Japan

  • Nutrition and Dietetic Associations in Asia were invited in the Asian Symposium on Rice and Nutrition held in Taipei by the Taipei Dietitians Association and discussed the founding of an Asian Dietetic Network

  • At the 6th Asian Congress of Nutrition at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the Asian Forum of Dietetic Professionals was formally established with the following members:
       1. Hong Kong Nutrition Association
       2. Indonesia Nutrition Association
       3. Japan Dietetic Association
       4. Korea Dietetic Association
       5. The Nutrition Society of Malaysia
       6. Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines
       7. Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association
       8. Taipei Dietitians Association
       9. Thai Dietetic Society

  • The elected officers were: * President – Leh-Chii Chwang of Taipei Dietitians Association * Secretary General – Murni ID Prakoso of Indonesia Nutrition Association

  • It was decided that the first conference would be held in Indonesia to be hosted by Indonesia Nutrition Association in 1994

  • Discussions on the 1st announcement of the 1st Conference at Adelaide, Australia took place at Adelaide, Australia at the 15th International Congress of Nutrition

  • 1st Asian Dietetics Forum took place at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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